Komodo national park: how to pick the right tour for you?

The first aspect to consider is that tours start from the village of Labuan Bajo port, located on the island of Flores. They usually begin in the early morning and finish in the late afternoon. That’s why we suggest to arrive at least one day before and leave one day after the adventure. 

Depending from high, low season you can either choose to book your trip online in advance or, once arrived on place, you can personally go to the numerous travel agencies you will find along the main street of the town of Labuan Bajo (you won’t struggle finding them, they are everywhere).

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To whom would we suggest a private tour: be sure not to suffer from sea sickness because you will be 3 days always on a boat (expect for the activities you will do on land). It is an authentic adventure (nothing fancy or luxurious). We personally booked with Tours to Komodo and everything was perfect. 

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Having all the crew to yourself allows you to decide when to start, where to go, what to see, what to eat and more benefits (you can ask for vegetarian or vegan food, if you suffer from allergies you can feel free to let them know).

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And most important of all, by having the guide all for you, you’ll have both a personal photographer and a walking human encyclopedia at your service. Don’t forget, before leaving Labuan Bajo, to go to groceries and get stuffs you will regret not having on board during your voyage. In our case we got some beers (an absolute must when on holiday); on board there isn’t alcohol and if you’ll have the brilliant idea to buy something from the couple shops you will find on the islands of Rinca / Komodo, well be prepared to be ripped off. They have the power in their own hands, get it or leave it. But now, by reading this article you are informed so you’re safe.

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Last but absolute must know information. The point, main advantage of cruising with a private tour means also being independent and having a decent amount of time to take shots, videos you always dreamed about. Be 150% sure, before booking the hitinerary of your choice, to sail on a Vessel that features a spare little boat behind, so that you won’t be on trouble when hopping from an unforgettable island to another (with the crew begging you to swim from the boat to the beach, NO WAY!). The price for a 3 days 2 nights tour? Calculate around 13’000’000 IDR for two people, all included.

To whom would we suggest a day tour: suitable for those having a short period of time available but still waiting to se a bit of everything, on a budget and experiencing a little sea sickness. A big speedboat will be your hub for the trip; be prepared to join this kind of adventure with a lot of other people, as you will be part of a group, with all the pros and cons. The price depends from what you want to see, clear; we looked around to have an idea and the average cost per person was about 600’000 IDR.

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    Below we’ve outlined how to decide which tour of the Komodo Islands is best for your preferences and budget. We’ve also included the tour we went on and our honest review of it. We hope this gives you the confidence you need to pick the perfect Komodo National Park tour for YOU!

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