How to find the famous salt formations at the Dead Sea, Jordan part

If you are road tripping in Jordan and looking for stunning salt formations you see everywhere online or on guides, well you’re in the right place. We spent hours searching them and now we want to save you a lot of time.

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Dead sea salt formation guide

After having driven back and forth for at least 1 hour looking for the ideal spot, with “empty hands”, we stopped to a guest house, asking for suggestions. They straight showed us on google the following coordinates: 31°23’48.9”N 35°32’46.3”E.

Be aware that you aren’t going to find indications or plenty of tourist (to be fair we were completely alone). These places are remote and not really close to the main roads. Prepare yourself to drive down some unpaved paths and to park where you think it’s best. Wear good shoes because it’s pretty steady and be careful where you move your feet (you will sadly realize how high the sea level once was, because you will physically walk on its remainings).

You actually can (if you have internet connection) open google earth / maps and zoom the image close to the beaches. Where you see a lot of white, means that there’s plenty of salty residues. Give it a try 😉

IMPORTANT: be careful because if you aren’t inside a resort area, almost all the places you are going visit on the coast are uncontrolled. The water is very salty and we strongly recommend to read the following instructions: swim at your own risk, no pushing, no running, no jumping and no diving. The skin becomes very dry when you come out of the sea, be sure to bring with you some bottles of water to wash yourself after the bath.

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