About us

Hi everybody, thank you for being here and welcome on our travel blog! We are Luke & Martina, a swiss couple with 50% italian origins. We met each other 10 years ago, while learning to get the driving licence. After 2 happy years of engagement, in December 2012 we got married. We are deeply in love with animals, got one little kid, our lovely miniature pinscher named Roy. Living in a cosmopolitan country like ours (where we have 4 national languages) enables us to speak idioms of the likes of Italian, German, French and English (Spanish is another extra included in the “package”). If you landed here on this website you already know or can imagine what our big passion is: traveling the world together as much as we can! Our big dream is to be daily involved in a new adventure… and we are working massively hard to make it happen! Through this online portal we would love to inspire you to discover our beautiful globe one destination at a time and to not be scared of the unknown! What we appreciate about traveling is to meet new people, learn new cultures, taste different kind of dishes and why not, to realize how extremely lucky we are to be born in a reality like the Swiss one, where you will never see somebody sleeping under a bridge. We hope you like the contents we create, in case you have questions don’t hesitate to contact us via e-mail or Instagram.

Luke & Martina a.k.a. Swissvoyagers